Mixed eMotion Theatrix wants to take this opportunity to reach out to our artistic family to acknowledge the difficulties we face throughout the world today.  While struggles are nothing new to the worldwide community, today’s world is a much smaller place and hardships that may have once stayed isolated within a community are now spread and can be felt the world over.  Whether it be wars, pandemics, racial inequalities, environmental catastrophes, political divisions, or any other struggle facing so many, we know that there is an important place for art in the healing, learning and growth of humankind.  Art has always been and will always be a driving force for positive change in the world and we at MeMT fully intend to grasp onto the reigns of change through positivity, discovery, understanding and an appreciation of all those who came before us and those that will follow.  We can never stop creating and pushing for a better world for everyone to strive in.  We hope you’ll join us and the entire artistic community in the creation and appreciation of magical, beautiful, powerful and important works of art to spread empathy, understanding and love throughout the world.  We all deserve it.



Coverage of our productions recently appeared in the LA Times, NY Times, and Broadway World.


MeMT Artistic Director, Janet Roston, directed and choreographed the viral video “You Can’t Stop The Beat” to raise money for The Actors Fund. The video has had more than 3.5 million YouTube views and was recently named Best of 2020 by the Washington Post! Many MeMT performers can be seen dancing in their kitchens and bedrooms in the video!


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