So Now You Know

Directed and Choreographed by: Janet Roston

Storytelling Coach/Dramaturge: Ryan Bergmann


So Now You Know combines the strengths of actors and dancers to tell personal stories in words and movement of individual discovery.  This hybrid dance/theatre concept integrates stories and performers in a new engaging dance/theatre experience.  Each performance is developed specifically with a multi-faceted community of performers.  Along with working towards a final performance, our unique development process has the ultimate goal of creating a connected community within each cast that resonates with the audience. Our goal is to unite performers and audience in a moving live theater experience.


Each performance can be developed specifically for you and your multi-faceted community of performers. Our unique development process has the ultimate goal of creating connections within each cast culminating in a performance that will touch and unite your audience as a community.

SO NOW YOU KNOW Teen Project




" incredible movement-theatre piece...Truly worth watching!"

Michael Alexander, Former Executive Director, Grand Performances


"Captivating, funny, surprising and invigorating, this is a special work!"

Leo Garcia, Executive Director, Highways Performance Space


"So Now You Know captured our middle school students; they were fully engaged. You could feel the emotion in the building. This group knows how to reach middle schoolers. Quite possibly the best live performance our student body has ever attended."

Jenni De Wald, Assistant Principal,

Alder Creek Middle School, Truckee, CA


"We have heard nothing but amazing praise from the school administrations and the students' parents. Janet and Ryan flawlessly incorporated our three teen students stories with the professional dancers and the resulting performances were nothing short of magical."

Lydia Ballard, Programs Coordinator

Arts For The Schools, Truckee, CA


Learn more about bringing "So Now You Know" to your community on our OUTREACH page!


Here are three ways MeMT can bring So Now You Know to your theater:


Mixed eMotion Theatrix can bring our full production of

 So Now You Know  to your theater or an original SNYK can be developed utilizing your own community performers.


Full Cast: MeMT brings the full work with our company’s own storyteller/dancers.  (Individual stories are adjustable and alternatives are available to suit any audience)


Community Engagement: We cast all performers from within your community (actors, dancers, teens, seniors, underserved, physically challenged, etc) to develop an evening of stories of personal discovery and movement.


Mix It Up: Combines 5 to 6 of MeMT’s storyteller/dancers and the casting of 6 to 8 of your community members. MeMT brings 30 minutes of stories from our cast, the rest is created with your performers. The two groups join for a few rehearsals. This requires less rehearsal time, an opportunity for your performers to work with our professionals and a personalized production that reflects your community.



Performance History:


BHHS Dance Company,

Wallis Annenberg Center for the Perf. Arts

January,  2018


Highways Performance Space

November, 2017