Mixed eMotion Theatrix wants to take this opportunity to reach out to let our artistic family know that during this challenging time in our country we are all in this together. Artists, in so many different forms, have been around since the beginning of time, and it is the arts that will bring us together once again after all of this passes. Though we are physically apart, it is our love for creativity, our compassion for one another, and our ability to relate to each other as human beings, that will push us through these times. We very much look forward to creating beautiful powerful works of art in the coming year and seeing all the magical work from our artistic community. Until then, stay safe, stay healthy, and never stop creating, even if that means you’re doing it from your living room!

To our community, friends and family


We are listening...


We will continue to listen to the black voices raised in protest.  Listening and truly hearing is vital to our own growth as a society.  For too long black voices have been ignored or pushed aside.  No more.  We hear you and we will do everything in our power to amplify your voices through our work, creative teams and casting.


We are learning...


We pledge to be a part of this powerful change and to be vehemently anti-racist.  We are taking this time to educate ourselves and we know there is so much for our entire society to learn and even more to unlearn.  We are here for the education and we want to spread that to our community and others far and wide through our art.


We will do better...


We pledge to make a difference and to hold ourselves and others accountable and we hope you will hold us accountable as well.  It isn’t the black community that needs to change, WE must de-center white narratives.  It is our responsibility to re-educate ourselves. We vow to be open and to do better.


We will be better...


We are a developing non-profit company but changes come in all sizes from all corners.  MeMT, as a company, has donated a portion of our proceeds from our last performance to The Okra Project, which is a collective providing resources and meals to Black Trans people in need. Moving forward, we pledge to donate 10% of all proceeds annually to support black lives and black businesses in our community and throughout the country.


We can all be better.


Black Lives Matter


“If there is no struggle, there is no progress” —Fredrick Douglas


coming to  La Mirada Theatre January 16th

GATSBY REDUX had two incredible performances:

Virtual Performance at The Brand Library and Art Center


Streamed on June 19th and 20th


Special thanks to the City of Glendale, the Brand Library Staff and an extra special thank you to Erin Herzog the Arts Librarian for all of her extraordinary assistance in the whole process.

The Muckenthaler Cultural Center



An immersive production where the audience moved from location to location on the gorgeous grounds of The Muckenthaler Cultural Center.


Check out our rave review from LA Dance Chronicle!


Special Thanks to the Muckenthaler Center, the amazing staff Andy their wonderful leader, Farrell Hirsch.



This is MeMT’s latest film, a teen horror film, created with teen dancers during the pandemic.

Directed/Choreographed by Janet Roston.

Editor, Sound Mixer, Virtual DP: Joe LaRue

Already selected for several film festivals as Horror Short.

Gatsby Alone Covid Session


Due to Covid the premiere of MeMT's full-length, site-specific work, Gatsby Redux, inspired by The Great Gatsby, has been rescheduled for June ’21. During quarantine three video works were created that will ultimately become part of Gatsby Redux. We call these The Covid Sessions.  Gatsby Alone, reflects the isolation we feel in the pandemic through the eyes of Jay Gatsby. Gatsby has created an artificial reality for himself. He is trapped, forced into a mask he has constructed for himself. At this moment it feels that we, like Gatsby,  will never come out of this quarantine. But we believe we will move beyond dreaming, beyond looking out the window, to step out and rejoin the world.

- Jeff Slayton, LA Dance Chronicle


Tag! A Quarantine Dance


Presented by Mixed eMotion Theatrix


Performed by our Dancers, Composers, Projection Designers, Photographers, Graphic Designers, Dramaturges, Executive Director, Artistic Director and Social Media Team

Produced by Janet Roston and Ryan Bergmann

Edited by Kate Coleman

Music: Hundred Waters


While our Mixed eMotion family has been sheltering-at-home, we decided to have a little fun of our own.  We put together a little video project for our family to share with all of you.  We invited not only our performers, but everyone who works with MeMT to participate in the project.  We challenged 25 of our dancers and production team (including our graphic designer, producers, composers, videographer, photographer, Social Media and Marketing Director, Executive Director and Artistic Director) to create 15 seconds of movement connected to those who performed before them and then “Tag” the next performer and so on.  You’ll understand the concept when you watch the video. (inspired by Mitchell Rose)   Enjoy!



Coverage of our productions recently appeared in the LA Times, NY Times, and Broadway World.


MeMT Artistic Director, Janet Roston, directed and choreographed the viral video “You Can’t Stop The Beat” to raise money for The Actors Fund. The video has had more than 2 million YouTube views and was recently named Best of 2020 by the Washington Post! Many MeMT performers can be seen dancing in their kitchens and bedrooms in the video!


• "Best of 2020"  - The Washington Post


• May 29, 2020  - The Washington Post


• August 24, 2018  - Los Angeles Times


• August 18, 2018 - Broadway World


• August 4, 2018 - The New York Times

Current Shows

photos by Barry Weiss

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